We’re Katy and Amy Miller, two sisters who live together in Lower Hutt, New Zealand. We’ve both lost and gained weight over the years – we’d count calories, eat smaller portions and healthy snacks, lose weight and then slowly but surely fall off the wagon and gain it back.

This year we decided to be proper grown-ups (we’re both in our 40s, for the record) and actually go to our doctors for a check-up. It was well overdue given our family history of hypertension and diabetes (Mum had been nagging us for ages, which we’re now grateful for!). It turns out that we both have high blood pressure and Katy’s blood sugar levels were at a diabetic level.

Advice from a diabetes nurse and panic-googling led Katy to Dr Jason Fung’s YouTube channel. The science just made sense to us – and it explained our previous failed attempts to keep weight off. So we started on the fasting highway in February and we haven’t looked back. We both do anything from 16:8 to OMAD – it depends on how busy we are that day and how hungry we are.

We’re pairing it with a keto diet in order to get the best results in relation to blood sugar – and it’s working! Katy’s blood sugars had come down to the normal range at her next bloods three months later.

We’re foodies – we love food and cooking. When we first approached our new way of eating we were slightly worried that it would take the joy out of cooking. We couldn’t have been more wrong! Fasting has made food both more and less precious. We love the meals we have, but we don’t haveto eat. And there’s incredible keto recipes out there.

Since starting this way of eating in February, Katy’s lost 19 kgs (42 lbs), and Amy’s lost 20 kgs (44 lbs). Katy’s only a few kilos from her goal weight, and Amy’s got another 19 kgs (42 lbs) to go. We have no intention to stop what we’re doing when we get to our respective goals though, we’re having too much fun!



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