Graeme Currie


Graeme Currie is from Perth, Australia and his insights and passion for intermittent fasting came from living a successful fasting lifestyle losing an incredible 60 kg 132 pounds himself.

He has completely turned his health around in a stunning transformation and has successfully maintained his weight.

He has an intimate understanding of what it is like to go on such a huge weight loss journey and live the highs and lows to finally find success and a healthy lifestyle, after being morbidly obese for nearly all of his adult life. He has been in maintenance since early 2019 and has experienced health benefits that were unimaginable to him before he discovered this way of living.

He lives in the Perth Hills of Western Australia and is the host of the popular podcast,” The Fasting Highway” which has been downloaded more than one million times. His Facebook Group of the same name has some of the worlds’ best intermittent fasting success stories as members. His book The Fasting Highway has sold thousands of copies worldwide.

He has mentored countless people and helped them find wellness through his easy to read story.

If you’ve been looking for someone to help you break through the barriers that are holding you back, maybe Graeme could help you too.

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