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The Fasting Highway Book

Best for USA, Canada, UK and Europe

A motivational story from Australia that follows one man’s incredible 60kg (132pound) weight loss by living an intermittent fasting lifestyle that you can do too.

Graeme Currie overcame a chronic sugar and fast-food addiction that had affected his entire adult life. Because he has actually lived through the highs and lows of a weight loss journey, his story is relatable and easily resonates with everyday men and women who are in a similar situation and want to change their lives. Graeme takes you through his journey step by step – how he did it, what he ate when he ate and offers a great insight into actually making intermittent fasting a permanent sustainable lifestyle.

He has successfully lived a healthy life and has easily maintained his current weight for nearly four years. Graeme writes in a raw, and honest way without overcomplicating what is an easy-to-follow, simple process.

He has guided countless people around the world, has built up a huge following across social media platforms and is the host of the popular podcast “The Fasting Highway” which has had over a million downloads.

A great read for anyone who thinks the mountain is too high to climb in retaking their health.