By Sarah Morrissey

I grew up in Liverpool UK, and also spent years of my childhood and early teens, living in Saudi Arabia.

I studied Chemistry at University of Birmingham, and have stayed living and working around the Midlands ever since.

Kevin, my husband and I now live in Derbyshire, close enough to help our kids out with their kids! I have one son, step mum to 5, and grandparent to 6.

We have two rescue dogs who we adore. I am very blessed.

I am 53 years old, and my weight battle rollercoaster started really at the age of 19 with my first ovarian cyst . The PCOS that I have subsequently suffered with has led to 30 years of weight loss/gain; more gain; that whole negative cycle which then led to the mental health challenges of life as an obese person.

I have tried every diet, fad, shake, club, book, gym going. And I am here to say they do not offer a sustainable way of life – not for me anyway.

I have had spells of looking better and feeling OK about how I looked, but those times happened after losing the same 20/25 lbs that always went back on, with extra to boot.

I have had so many hurtful comments made about my weight I cannot tell you – not from family, but from thoughtless friends, and of course strangers . It amazes me that people feel they have permission to comment – yet they do.

My husband, my rock, has always told me that I am beautiful, and adores me, but it didn`t help me to feel better when I looked in the mirror.

I have spent a life avoiding the camera, dreading conferences where a photo collage appears at the end and I feel sick at the sight of my image. Being invited to speak at several national and international meetings, where I should be proud of the achievements that got me there instead of just dreading how I will look.


CW 225 lb, 16st 1lb, 102.2kg

GW 150lbs, 10st 10lbs, 68kg, but I’m not too precious about the end number, as long as I am happy and healthy in my own skin.

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