My name’s Brie Hargans,

I grew up in and around Sydney NSW Australia and have lived here most of my life.

I love travel, Margaritas and Mexican food!

I’m a mother of two gorgeous little girls 3 and 1 and recently returned to work as a travel agent which I’ve been doing for the last 9 years.

I’ve been self-conscious of my body and looks for as long as I can remember. I’ve never been the “skinny girl” and have always compared myself to others.

In the past I’ve gained weight and lost it through rigorous workouts 5-6 days a week, combined with severe calorie restriction. Which I wasn’t able to maintain. As soon as I stopped going to the gym or ate a treat the weight would come back on.

When I met my husband 11 years ago I was a similar size to what I am now. I considered myself to be a fairly healthy eater with bouts of being active here and there. However, over the years I gradually gained a few kilos each year leading up to our wedding, then the babies came and before I knew it I was more than 20 kilos overweight and according to my BMI obese.

After having my second baby I knew whatever I did had to be maintainable! I didn’t have time for the gym and I knew that weight loss was primarily found through diet. So I was on a mission to find the perfect “diet”.

I found IF! I knew as soon as I read the science in the Obesity Code that IF was the key I had been looking for my whole life. It just made sense to me. I knew my body didn’t want to be obese.

I started fasting straight away and have fasted every day since.

After reading the Obesity Code I was so hungry for information. I read all of Jason Fung’s books. Donna Dube her book was pivotal for me because she encouraged her readers to join FB groups which was instrumental in my success. Then I read Delay Don’t Deny and the rest of Gin Stephens books, which lead me to…… the Fasting Highway!


My book The Fasting Highway is available on Amazon in both paperback and kindle. For Australian and New Zealand residents, you can buy the book direct from me at The Fasting Highway with Intermittent Fasting Advocate Graeme Currie

For the rest of the world Amazon is your best option. Thank you to the many who have bought a copy of my book, much appreciated.

The link below will take you to my book on Amazon.

The Fasting Highway: Graeme Currie from Australia takes you on a journey through the highs and lows of beating a crippling food addiction by losing … living an Intermittent Fasting Lifestyle: Currie, Graeme: 9780648965206: Books


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